About the Company

The Unistell Company is your reliable partner on the currency market.
The Unistell is a financial intermediary whose mission is to provide traders with high-quality services, user-friendly interfaces and round-the-clock support. Due to the flexible conditions and comprehensive support we are trusted by the major investors and newbies.

The Unistell presents several options for cooperation, which combine the most comfortable conditions for trading on the financial markets.

Trading On a Trust Account

Trust is a reliable choice. A trader gets complete control over trading operations with the Trust account. All risks are minimized.

  • Variety of trading instruments: currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals, energy carriers, indices;
  • Flexible leverage depending on the trader's wishes - from 1:1 to 1:1000;
  • Ability to trade in small volumes.
Trading On a Trust Demo Account

The Unistell has a Trust Demo account for an introduction to the market. This is an exact real account copy with the exception of one, the funds on it are virtual. The training account allows you to get the maximum experience with no risks.

Copy Trading

Social trading, or copy trading, is a popular investment form where experienced traders open up strategies for copying. The LAMM account system favorably differs from other investment services by its transparency. Transactions are conducted openly and the investor can always find out the balance, profitability, drawdown and stop the transaction.

Euro Pacific Bank

Euro House Vc0100 Kingstown, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
IBAN: VC77 2545 0981 5557 3581 0091 87

• EuroPacificFundsSCCLtd The Company on Saint Vincent offers licensed euro bonds by Euro Pacific Bank. Bank has been working since 1 feb 1945

• It's the only one jurisdiction in the World which has the law about privacy. It protects the personal data from disclosure.

• Insofar as this state has not signed Agreements about avoidance double taxes with no states in the World, information about finance activity can't be shared with others Countries.

Bank Millennium

StanislawaZaryna 2, 02-593 Warszawa,
IBAN: PL 21892111451609 230466252432

• It's one of the biggest Poland banks. The main strategy investor of this bank is Banco Comercial Portugues. This bank is active participant of the most popular World's exchanges.